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Aspect Conference

Brisbane 2018


18th International Mental Health Conference

Gold Coast | August 2017


No Harm National Conference

Brisbane 2017

Rural Mental Health Conference 
Gold Coast 2016


World Federation for Mental Health International Conference 2016

Cairns Australia | October 2016

The 17th International Mental Health Conference

Gold Coast Australia | August 2016

ANZ Urology Conference

Noosa Australia | July 2016

Australian Counselling Association – Towards the Future

Melbourne Australia | July 2015

Australia & New Zealand Eating Disorder Conference

Gold Coast Australia | May 2015


AusDoCC (Australian Disorders of the Corpus Collosum) Conference

March 2015

ACA 2013 National Conference: The Shorts, T Shirt and Thongs of Mental Health

Gold Coast Australia | September 2013

View the video

Psychological Well-being Conference – There Is Another Way
December 2013


Australian Counselling Association National Conference —
We Are All the Same In that We Are All Different! The Importance of Meeting the Client for Who They Are Without Comparison or Judgment
September 2013

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