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The acclaimed Body Life Skills Program is now available as an online learning program, bringing you all the tools needed for lasting behaviour change.

This foundational course is the basis for all other FABIC Behaviour Specialists online learning courses yet to come.

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Body Life Skills Program by Tanya Curtis

Do you have behaviours that you would prefer not to be using or are you working alongside, caring for or living with people who regularly display unwanted or non-preferred behaviours, ranging from mild to severe to off the Richter scale?


No matter the intensity, the Body Life Skills Program is based on the knowing that:

  • we are not what we do

  • all and every behaviour happens for a reason

  • we need to learn/teach new skills to change unwanted or non-preferred behaviour

The Body Life Skills Program is for those who are serious about lasting behaviour change and true answers as opposed to short-term solutions and quick fixes that don’t last the distance. For many, the Body Life Skills Program has been their last resort when they had all but given up and all other attempts at behaviour change had failed.

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