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Body Life Skills Program

The Body Life Skills Program offers ways to implement this simple yet effective 3-step program into any group or organisation that works with unwanted behaviours, including but not limited to:


• Government agencies
• Schools and educational institutions
• Health and disability services
• Mental health services
• Justice and correctional services
• Family and children’s services

• Drug and alcohol services
• Companies and workplaces
• Community organisations
• Families and couples
• Professionals
• People from all walks of life


A formal program is currently being developed but courses, workshops and the integration of the Body Life Skills program are already accessible.

Body Life Skills Program by Tanya Curtis
Body Life Skills Program by Tanya Curtis
Body Life Skills Program by Tanya Curtis

Body Life Skills Book Series

This series is for those who are serious about bringing true and lasting change. It covers the Body Life Skills Program in detail and offers a very simple and super practical way that is easy to understand and implement in everyday life across all situations and settings.

The series includes:

  • Book 2: Understanding Life & Our Behaviour Choices [still being written]

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Body Life Skills Videos

Purchase the 11 part series from Fabic.TV to learn more about the Body Life Skills Program.

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